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Climate tech hiring trends: October 2023 - March 2024

By Jason Zou and Steven Zhang
 · updated Apr 18, 2024


In running ClimateTechList, we aggregate thousands of jobs a day and end up with an interesting data set that let’s us explore things like:
  • How long do job postings last?
  • What are common job posting titles?
  • What companies are posting the most jobs and where?
We took a look at climate tech list jobs trends for the last 5 months, from Oct 1 2023 to March 1, 2024. In doing this analysis, we looked at 58,000 job postings from 900 companies [1].
Here are some trends we found, along with take aways for climate tech job seekers for each trend

Hiring trends by Job Function:

  • Analyzing 58,372 jobs
  • Total new jobs
      1. Sales: 4,605
      1. Analyst: 1,803
      1. Operations: 1,778
      1. Design: 1,436
      1. Software Eng: 1,263
      1. Marketing: 1,073
      1. Electrical Eng: 915
      1. Mechanical Eng: 830
      1. Product Management: 741
      1. Hardware Eng: 239
      1. Data Science: 123
      1. Machine Learning: 86
      1. Chemical Eng: 74

Take-aways for job seekers

  • Climate tech companies are not just hiring engineers! Lots of different roles for everyone. In fact, sales is the #1 job role across companies
  • These jobs also require in-person work for the most part, so that probably is another reason for this effect.

Hiring trends by country

  • Analyzing 55,592 jobs
  • Statistically significant changes in hiring rates. From Oct 1 to March 1, 2024
      1. France has seen moderate decline
      1. Denmark has seen moderate growth
      1. Serbia has seen moderate decline
      1. Colombia has seen moderate decline

Takeaways for job seekers

  • Most jobs take at least a few weeks to fill. This suggests using your network to apply for jobs even if there have been many applicants as a winning strategy
  • As expected, U.S. and Germany lead as the top hiring climate tech countries but France and India and Canada are perhaps surprising entrants

Hiring trends by company:

  • Analyzing 30,823 jobs

Takeaways for job seekers

  • Large variance in how long it takes companies to hire a role— Everlight Solar hires 6 times faster than Lucid Motors for example

Hiring trends by climate tech vertical/sector

  • 58,259 jobs processed
  • Statistically significant changes in hiring rates
    • No significant changes found for any
  • Total new jobs
      1. Clean Energy: 32,461
      1. Transportation: 17,458
      1. Food & Ag: 2,097
      1. Efficiency & Reduction: 1,316
      1. Industrials: 1,189
      1. Built Environment: 949
      1. Other: 866
      1. Carbon Accounting: 827
      1. Carbon Removal: 545
      1. Financing & Fintech: 385
      1. Nature Restoration: 141
      1. Other Verticals: 25

Takeways for job seekers



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[1] To be precise, we looked at companies with a minimum of 20 job postings during this time period and job posts that were posted for a minimum of 3 days (to filter out jobs that might fluctuate very quickly)