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Testimonials for ClimateTechList

Testimonials from those new to climate tech job seekers and those who found jobs on ClimateTechList

Testimonials from people who found ClimateTechList useful generally

I used ClimateTechList during my recent job transition from one climate tech company to another. It was an extremely helpful tool to find a vast number of quality opportunities, and the advance filtering and searching made it simple to hone down on exactly what I was looking for. If you want to work on the greatest challenge humanity is facing, ClimateTechList is a fantastic place to start looking!

Spencer Mize, Software Engineer at Pioneer, former Founding Software Engineer at Bluebird Climate

As a consultant and coach to tech teams in the climate space, I check ClimateTechList to find new clients and see what companies are growing their teams. The information available about the companies and the quick links to my LinkedIn connections make this my go-to research tool when exploring new organizations.

Tiana Veldwisch, Consultant and Coach, ex-Indigo director

Thanks Steven! I wasn't really considering climate tech as a career pathway until I read your post and article about starting from first principles in thinking about what I want in a career. Now, I realized that the spark I was missing in my career (which I once had and lost) is EXACTLY what you described in your Linkedin post about first principle decision making.

Jason Wang, Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

Thanks for compiling all the great resources related to climate tech into one place - very helpful for folks like me who are newly acquainted with this field yet have a keen interest and don't know where to start. I listened to a few episodes of MCJ over the weekend and I was fascinated by the decarbonizing cement episode.

Liana Lei, Consultant at Boston Consulting Group

I started exploring climate tech as a mechanical engineer last year, and Boston Climate Tech & ClimateTechList was one of the most useful tools in exploring the ecosystem. It was a wonderful one-stop shop! I went to several exploration and networking events, found relevant jobs and companies, and was connected to other important resources that helped me in my career transition.

I specifically want to call out brilliance of the job board being hosted on a daily-updated Airtable base — I haven't found any other job board that gives this level of customization to be able to search for queries such as "(Job location contains MA or Job Location contains CA) AND (Job title contains mechanical engineer or Job title contains hardware engineer or Job title contains system engineer)".

This is really helpful to all hardware engineers and me specifically as a person who wants to wear many hats and not looking for a typical role.

Mukul Bhatt, Robotics & Systems Engineer

Testimonials from people who found their jobs from ClimateTechList

Alex found his software engineer job at Mitra Chem via ClimateTechList

I first heard about ClimateTechList through the Work on Climate Slack workspace. I was trying to find innovative companies with a need for my software engineering skillset to tackle climate change, and ClimateTechList was helpful for that.

One thing that differentiated ClimateTechList was how ClimateTechList provided an insightful view of each company's mission and its potential climate impact.

Alex Kaplan, Senior Software Engineer at Mitra Chem

Mitra Chem did an interview call with Steven of ClimateTechList for the company profile writeup, and we got an inbound lead from Alex within a few weeks.

We hired Alex on the Acceleration team as a Senior Software Engineer. Alex has already made a significant positive impact at Mitra Chem, and we are very happy to have him!

Compared to other methods for hiring, ClimateTechList is provided us with a great pipeline of motivated candidates already passionate about using their skills to help fight climate change, and whose values align closely with our company.

Prateek Mehta, Engineering Manager at Mitra Chem

Claire found her product manager job at Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority via ClimateTechList

I found out about ClimateTechList by searching online, and really enjoyed all the information and opportunities on the site. I had no idea what a broad array of roles exist at the intersection of tech and climate!

I’m very grateful that it led me to my new role as a product manager in the Technology Innovation Department of the MBTA, where I get to work on and learn about public transit!

Claire Dong, Product Manager at Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Akhil found his software engineer job at Lumen Energy via ClimateTechList

I first heard about ClimateTechList through a friend. That friend was able to connect me with Steven and Steven suggested applying to a few companies listed on the site.

It helped me learn more deeply about the impact of the companies I was looking at.

One thing that differentiates ClimateTechList vs other resources is that it's the only climate jobs site I've seen that caters to a software skill set.

Akhil Gupta, Software Engineer at Lumen Energy

We found our latest engineering team member, Akhil, through ClimateTechList and have been impressed with both the quality and passion for fighting climate change of the folks using ClimateTechList.

Dave Coen, co-founder of Lumen Energy

Meaghan found her talent specialist job at Flashfood via ClimateTechList

I first learned about ClimateTechList through a LinkedIn post by Steven. At the time, I was actively searching for opportunities at mission-driven climate tech companies, and this platform proved invaluable in guiding my search.

What set ClimateTechList apart from other job boards was its provision of climate tech resources and a list of featured companies to focus my job search on. Thanks to ClimateTechList, I discovered job openings on company career pages even before they were posted on LinkedIn, enabling me to be an early applicant.

I am incredibly grateful to ClimateTechList for leading me to my new role. As a Talent Specialist at Flashfood, I am excited to contribute to an organization aligned with my passion for addressing climate change and reducing food waste.

Meaghan McCrane, Talent Specialist at Flashfood (We're Hiring!)