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Software Careers in Climate — Talk & YouTube Recording

by Steven Zhang · updated Aug 24, 2023

Recently, ClimateTechList partnered with Jason & Jaime Curtis, the founders of OptionZero to give a talk on software careers in climate for students of Olin College of Engineering. OptionZero is a software engineering consultancy that exclusively works with climate tech companies.

Here's the outline of the talk. Video recording below.

  • 6:29 Frameworks for thinking about climate tech companies/jobs
  • 16:00 Frameworks for thinking about software engineering careers
  • 22:00 Developing skills vs applying skills-how to balance learning vs execution early on in a career
  • 25:00 Jason & Jaime's personal career journeys from new grad software enginners to working at Microsoft, Convoy, EnergySavvy, to working on climate full-time
  • 38:00 Examples of software projects Jason & Jaime worked on for various climate tech companies in the past year
  • 42:00 Audience question & answer