Our Methodology

by Steven Zhang · updated Jul 28, 2023

ClimateTechList aggregates jobs from hundreds of climate tech companies.

How does ClimateTechList decide what companies to include on our curated companies list?

We have 3 primary requirements.

1. High CO₂ Impact

The company must be directly working to viably reduce greenhouse gases by a large, measurable amount – ideally a >5% chance of reducing atmospheric CO2 by >100 megatonnes, and a moonshot chance of reducing it on the gigaton scale

2. High growth

The company must have already achieved product-market fit and be growing rapidly.

Why? Because joining a small, rapidly growing company is one of the best things you can do for your software career.

3. Software is a mission-critical part of the company

The company does not need to be a pure software/tech company per se, but software needs to be a significant part of what the company does – which should be reflected in the roles the company is hiring for.

Besides doing third-hand research, we also talked directly with the engineering leaders of many of the companies on this list to answer questions corresponding to the 3 bullet points above.

The list is not meant to be comprehensive- it will change over time as we learn about more companies, but we believe this is a reasonable overview of companies.