Resources for founders

If you're working to get your own climate tech company off the ground....

> Before you start coding... consider building your tool in a low code/no-code platform such as Airtable or Softr. Examples of climate tech projects we've helped worked on built in Softr:

  1. Stripe's Frontier carbon market database (built on  Softr)
  2. This website :)
  3. Various VC dealflow trackers and v1 prototypes

> That said, if you're dealing with complex application or hardware, checkout - a software-for-climate consulting firm that works exclusively with climate tech companies, particularly non-software founders.

Other recommended resources to learn about climate change/climate tech 

Articles, books, & other media

Virtual communities

We recommend joining one of these communities as you go on your climate career path:

There are a few other decarbonization pathway-specific climate tech communities which you can find here and here .

In-person events

For in person events, check out:

In addition, check out the geographic-specific slack channels for MCJ and WoCl.

1:1 coaching/help with transitioning to a climate tech career

If you need individual help, please submit this contact form

Recommended resources learning about career growth

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