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Dyme.earth + ClimateTechList partnership

☀️Turn your shopping into climate impact via solar investments for free.

Preparing for the holiday season with purchases and gift cards for your teams at work or family and friends? Now there’s a way to both get great deals and contribute to reducing climate change.

Dyme is the only platform that integrates carbon reductions from direct solar projects automatically in over 600 brands of gift cards and when you shop at over 17,000 merchants. And best of all, you never pay extra - Dyme uses its own profits from when you shop to invest in solar projects at US schools and communities.

ClimateTechList members now get Dyme membership at no extra cost:

  • 600 gift card brands with climate impact built-in;
  • Visa payouts with climate impact built-in (only for companies);
  • And as a bonus, Dyme Deals: when you shop online, Dyme’s chrome extension automatically finds you discount coupons to get a great price and has climate impact built-in

Dyme.earth dashboard screenshot

👉Sign up here at Dyme with the company code CLIMATETECHLIST;

How does Dyme have carbon impact without charging extra?

Dyme receives commissions and rebates from incentives, rewards & purchases. Profits are then invested into the projects that reduce CO~2~ per dollar invested: solar energy.

Dyme invests in partners that build cost-effective, high-quality solar projects in schools and communities in the US, lowering the emissions of our energy mix, creating jobs, and cheapening energy for Americans. For every dollar invested by Dyme in solar projects, we expect around 20 lb of CO~2~ to be reduced 1.

Solar system in a capped landfill built by Dyme’s partner UGE in Norway, Maine
Solar system in a capped landfill built by Dyme’s partner UGE in Norway, Maine

How it works

  • Sign up here at Dyme with the company code CLIMATETECHLIST
  • When signed up, click on "Buy a gift card" or download the Chrome extension or link an existing card (for in-store purchases)
  • Track your carbon footprint in your Dyme Dashboard.

Dyme.earth dashboard screenshot 2

Dyme is already available to over ten million employees in the US at great companies such as Google, Tesla, Ikea, Samsung, Starbucks, Doordash, and many more.

Sign up with the company code CLIMATETECHLIST and use your purchases to enhance your climate impact.

Still have questions? Learn more at Dyme or send an email to [email protected].

1 See Dyme's calculations on impact per dollar in a renewable energy project, Factors that much be considered include levelized costs, lifetime span of the technology applied, as for the energy mix in the region. States with a stronger participation of fossil fuels in energy utilization, such as West Virginia, see stronger impact in renewables when compared to states with a lower participation of fossil fuels, such as California.