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IET Shift Operations Supervisor

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Job Description

TITLE: IET Shift Operations Supervisor


TerraPower is a nuclear technology company based in Bellevue, Washington. At its core, the company is working to raise living standards globally through a more affordable, secure and environmentally friendly form of nuclear energy along with innovations in medical isotopes to improve human health. In 2006, TerraPower originated with Bill Gates and a group of like-minded visionaries who evaluated the fundamental challenges to raising living standards around the world. They recognized energy access was crucial to the health and economic well-being of communities and decided that the private sector needed to take action and create energy sources that would advance global energy deployment. TerraPower’s mission is to be a world leader in new nuclear technologies, while developing innovators and future leaders in the nuclear field. As a result, the company’s activities in the fields of nuclear energy and related sciences are yielding significant innovations in the safety and economics of nuclear power, hybrid energy and medical applications – all for significant human health benefits.

TerraPower is seeking to hire highly motivated and forward-thinking professionals who are interested in focusing on advanced nuclear reactor research and development and influencing change within the nuclear power landscape and bringing forward the critical production of medical isotopes. TerraPower is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate in hiring on the basis of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religious creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, protected Veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. In addition, as a federal contractor, TerraPower has instituted an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) in an effort to proactively recruit, hire, and promote women, minorities, disabled persons and veterans.

Shift Operations Supervisor

TerraPower, LLC. Is seeking highly motivated Shift Operations Supervisors. In this role, you will manage a team of operators on shift while monitoring the Integrated Effects Test (IET) system.

This effort will support the Molten Chloride Fast Reactor (MCFR) program and the operation of the MCFR IET is a critical step in the testing and development of the first reactor to be fueled by molten chloride salts. Your role will include interfacing with a team of scientists and engineers internally and externally to TerraPower. Candidates must have extensive plant operations and supervisory experience.


• Oversee Small Pilot Plant Shift Operations (2-3 personnel per Shift).

• Manage operators (Control Board Operator and Field/Utility Operator) on crew, including providing feedback, ongoing coaching, career development planning and semi-annual reviews

• Participate in management meetings and discussions regarding team development and improvement

• Develop and/or Review Operating Procedures.

• Review and Implement Experimental Test Campaigns.

• Keep Shift Log of Operations.

• Operate SCADA/HMI/Control Boards, high temperature pilot systems, pumps, valves, heaters blowers, compressors.

• Respond to alarms and problems within the plant and takes corrective measures.

• Monitor and control pressures, temperatures, flow rates, and levels to efficiently achieve desired operating results and ensure proper operation of equipment under current process conditions such as Start/Stop/Rate adjustment of equipment.

• Regulate and shut down equipment if necessary.

• Troubleshoot equipment, electrical and instrumentation issues.

• Periodically makes rounds of the plant to visually check equipment to see that it is operating properly.

• Follow standard operating and emergency procedures until trouble can be corrected.

• Perform energy isolation lockout/tagout procedures (LOTO).

• Make multiple repeat batches of Purified Salt.

• Work various shifts, evening, weekends, holidays, overtime, on-call as required.

• Physically perform assigned duties and essential functions of the position.

• Independently plan and carry out the work in accordance with established operating methods and procedures.

• Support continuous learning and application of nuclear industry best practices in order to maintain the highest quality of engineering design and proactively identify process change/enhancement opportunities.

• Actively participate in safety programs, initiatives, and Corrective Action Program.

Shift Schedule

• This position is in support of a 24/7 operation. There are four crews working 12-hour shifts. The shift schedule does not rotate so two of the four crews are dedicated to day shift and two are dedicated to night shift. The final shift schedule selection has not been made but the options being considered result in four 12 hour shifts one week, followed by three 12 hours shift the next week. Expect to work seven 12 hour shifts every two weeks. Expect 3 to 4 days off in a row every two weeks. Expect to work half of the weekends in a year.

Key Qualifications and Skills

• High school diploma or GED is required.

• Five years of experience in industrial plant operations (chemical, boiler, refinery, etc.); preference for ten years of experience

• Three years of experience in shift operations supervision (chemical, boiler, refinery, etc.) preferred

• Military service may substitute for industrial plant experience.

• Math - basic algebra, fractions/percentages, unit conversion.

• Knowledge of operation and maintenance of pumps, electric motors, and motor controls, piping devices, hydraulic control systems, and other mechanical equipment.

• Personal computer proficiency (word processing, spreadsheets) and other software utilized by the company including Control System Interfaces.

• Strong Interpersonal abilities to support team philosophy and strategy.

• Understanding of electrical hazards and safety.

• Ability to climb stairs and work effectively on platforms up to 50 feet above grade.

• Ability to perform and record results of laboratory tests accurately and by required deadlines.

• Read and understand engineered drawings.

• Read meters and gauges correctly.

• Knowledge of tubing and tubing connections.

• The successful candidate will possess a high degree of trust and integrity, communicate openly and display respect and a desire to foster teamwork.

Job Functions

Job Functions are physical actions and/or working conditions associated with the position. These functions may also constitute essential functions for the job which the employee must be able to fulfill, with or without accommodation. Information provided below is to help describe the job so that the applicant has a reasonable understanding of the job duties/expectations. An applicant's ability to perform and/or tolerate these actions and conditions will be discussed and workplace accommodations may be made on a case-by-case basis following an individualized assessment of the applicant and other considerations, including but not limited to any governing safety standards.

• Motor Abilities: Sitting and/or standing for extended periods, bending/stooping, kneeling, grasping/gripping, fine motor control (hands), climbing ladders

• Physical exertion and/or requirements: Minimal, with ability to safely lift up to and/or carry 30+ pounds

• Repetitive work: Prolonged

• Special Senses: Visual and audio focused work

• Work Conditions: Stairs, typing/keyboard, standard and/or sitting working environment of >12 hrs./day

• Travel required: 0-5%

TerraPower’s technology is controlled for export by various agencies of the U.S. Government. TerraPower must evaluate applicants who are foreign nationals (other than asylees, refugees, or lawful permanent residents) in accordance with U.S. Government export control requirements. To facilitate TerraPower’s export control reviews, you will be asked as part of the application process to identify whether you are a U.S. Citizen or national, asylee, refugee, or lawful permanent resident of the United States. Government export authorization approval times vary. Based on the business needs for a particular position, TerraPower may not consider a foreign national from a country if it is impracticable to obtain timely Government export approval.

Please visit www.terrapower.com to apply

Job details

Salary Range Level 9: $45.87 - $68.81

Salary Range Level 10: $52.62 - $78.93

*Typically, our employee salaries are within .90 – 1.0 of the mid-point of the posted salary band. Any salary offered within the posted salary band is based on market data and commensurate with the selected individual’s qualifications and experience. This range is specific to Washington State.

Job Type: Full-time


• Competitive Compensation

· Salary, eligible to participate in discretionary short-term incentive payments

• Comprehensive Medical and Wellness Benefits

· Medical

· Vision

· Dental

· Life

· Life and Disability

· Gender Affirmation Benefits

· Parental Leave

• 401k Plan

• Generous Paid Time Off (PTO)

· 21 days of annually accrued PTO

• Generous Holiday Schedule

· 10 paid holidays

• Relocation Assistance

• Professional and Educational Support Opportunities

• Flexible Work Schedule

TerraPower Career and Benefits information: https://www.terrapower.com/contact-us/careers

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