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Job Description


Noon Energy is seeking a Vice President of Engineering, who will serve as a key figure reporting directly to the CEO and will be responsible for leading our team of engineers and scientists. Their duties will encompass constructing a robust technical development process, steering the direction of our first product, and closely collaborating with the commercial, product, and operations teams. The VP Engineering will ensure that the design requirements are met by our product while closely managing a team of engineers and scientists.

Candidates with experience in early-stage startups are encouraged to apply, especially candidates from underrepresented backgrounds in the hardtech climate space. We are looking for a team-player who is passionate about our mission in sustainability and wants to work in a fast-paced collaborative startup environment.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Getting our first demonstration product into the hands of our first customers.
  • Building the technical development process and infrastructure our team needs to be successful.
  • Hiring, managing, and mentoring a top-performing technical team.
  • Making engineering decisions to ensure product development timelines are met and the final product meets required specifications, while navigating the uncertainties that come with building a new technology.

Experience & Skills

In terms of experience, we are looking for someone who has:

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field, and 15+ years of industry experience with 10+ years in a leadership capacity.
  • Ships Industrial Equipment Products: Has taken technology from the research stage to shipped products in the industrial equipment space.
  • Builds from Scratch: Has built engineering/technical organizations and development processes from scratch.
  • Startup Experience: Is familiar with and can be highly successful in a dynamic startup environment.
  • Technical Expertise: A deep understanding of engineering principles, battery systems, and specifically, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC/SOEC) technology. Should also be well-versed in product development from conception to commercialization.
  • Leadership: Proven experience in leading and developing high-performing teams, ideally within a startup environment. Should have a track record of fostering innovation, problem-solving, and continuous learning within their teams.
  • Strategic Planning: Ability to create and implement strategic plans, from developing technical processes to overseeing product development timelines.
  • Project Management: Experience in managing complex engineering projects, ideally involving the development and launch of a new product. This includes budget management, risk management, and quality assurance.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Ability to work effectively with other teams, such as commercial, product, and operations. This requires strong communication skills and the ability to align various teams' objectives towards a common goal.
  • Knowledge of Market Trends: Understanding of the market trends in the energy sector, specifically regarding battery systems and SOFC/SOEC, to guide product development and ensure alignment with market needs.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Familiarity with the regulatory landscape for battery systems and SOFC/SOEC products, to ensure compliance in product design and development.
  • Scalability Planning: Experience in scaling up from pilot to commercial-scale production, which involves operational, financial, and logistical planning.

We are looking for the following traits for this role:

  • Strategic Thinker: able to think strategically, map out the short and long-term direction of the engineering department, balance the details of current projects with the broader view of the company's objectives and market trends, effectively guide the development of our pilot and commercial products, and align engineering goals with overall company strategy.
  • Innovative Leader: inspires and motivates their team, fosters a culture of innovation and continuous learning, encourages their team to push boundaries and think outside the box.
  • Collaborative Communicator: effectively communicates complex technical concepts to various stakeholders, works closely with teams across the company, facilitates cross-functional collaboration, and ensures synchronization of efforts towards shared goals.
  • Resilient Problem-Solver: maintains focus and motivation in the face of setbacks, and has the ability to quickly identify and implement solutions to technical or operational challenges.
  • Detail-Oriented Executor: ensures that our products adhere to design specifications, regulatory standards, and quality requirements, helps ensure the successful translation of R&D findings into a market-ready product.


This is an in-office role that is in the office 4 days per week or more, as needed. Our office located in Mountain view, CA.

Compensation & Benefits

The salary range for this role is competitive for the industry and commensurate with experience. We are committed to equitable compensation across our company and we offer a generous benefits package to make sure you have the support you need. We cover 90% of the premiums for our employees and 70% of the premiums for their dependents on our base plans for medical, dental, and vision insurance. We provide a 401(k) plan with matching in addition to many other benefits. Every employee, regardless of gender identity or expression, is eligible for 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive environment for all our employees and are building a team that reflects the diversity of the people we hope to serve with our products. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

About Us

Noon Energy’s vision is a fully-renewable future with energy storage inspired by nature. We’re on a mission to allow the world to run on renewables with low-cost compact long-duration energy storage. Our compact stationary battery uses the same chemistry that plants use in photosynthesis, eliminating the need for mining precious metals for energy storage. Noon Energy batteries deliver 200+ hours of storage capacity, enabling 5-6 ¢/kWh on-demand renewable electricity when paired with wind and solar. The Noon Energy technology is robust, safe, and the core electrochemical component of the technology is currently operating on Mars. Initially, we are developing products for the $1T stationary energy storage market with future applications in long-haul shipping and trucking.

“Our battery stores energy by splitting CO 2 , similar to how nature stores energy by photosynthesis. Storage in air-abundant molecules, rather than rare metals, is key to our fundamental advantages in cost, sustainability, and energy density.” - Chris Graves, CEO.

We are building a company rooted in our desire for everyone to have access to abundant low-cost energy. Our core values are woven into everything we do, from what we ask in interviews, how we run our meetings, and how we make the highest-level company decisions. We believe that alignment with our core ideology is essential for building a lasting company with massive positive impact on the world.

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  2. We'll share your profile with climate tech companies potentially interested in chatting with you

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