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Updated Jun 2023

What Upfront makes

Software to turn government & utility rebates into lower prices for home electrification products at checkout time.

Company Info

Upfront is a platform that aims to make it easier and more affordable for merchants to sell clean energy products. They do this by using rebates to lower the prices at checkout, and their software automates the rebate application and transaction management processes, making it easier for both merchants and customers.

Role of software at Upfront

Software is needed to turn the complexity/mess of rebates into lower prices at checkout. Software systems must be accurate, reliable, and comprehensive to provide customers liquidity for upgrading their home in real time.

Upfront's Trajectory

Upfront expects to hit 200k MRR with 50% gross margin in 18 months. Plan to raise Series A at that point.

Upfront's Climate Impact

1 GT CO2e saved every 3 years with full electrification of the 125M American homes.