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Updated Dec 2023

What UNDO makes

Carbon removal using enhanced rock weathering which mimics natural weathering processes to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Company Info

UNDO is a pioneering nature-based carbon removal company with an ambition to remove over one billion tonnes of atmospheric CO₂ in accessible, affordable, nature-friendly ways. For the last two years, UNDO has worked at the cutting edge of science alongside experts in the climate, carbon and agricultural sectors to develop an enhanced rock weathering process technology which mimics natural weathering processes to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Using an operational model which leverages existing by-products and infrastructure, UNDO’s enhanced rock weathering process has a carbon efficiency of 95 per cent, whilst offering permanent and scalable carbon removal services at cost-competitive prices.

Role of software at UNDO

The Data & Technology team at UNDO currently consists of 8 employees, led by Director of Technology and spans both Front End and Serverside software engineering and Data Analysis and Engineering for the bespoke Information Management System being built.

This system is used to manage spreading operations and create and manage the carbon credits for purchase. UNDO's tech stack underpins all aspects of the company and is critical to UNDO's success moving forward.

UNDO's Trajectory

UNDO expects to raise a Series A late 2023, with potential 2x growth.

UNDO has been awarded a contract to provide Microsoft with its first carbon removal via enhanced rock weathering (ERW). The award will contribute towards Microsoft’s commitment to becoming carbon negative by 2030 and removing all of its historic CO₂ emissions by 2050. As part of the agreement with Microsoft, UNDO will spread 25,000 tonnes of mineral-rich basalt rock on agricultural land in the UK, which will permanently remove approximately 5,000 tonnes of CO₂ over the next 20 years. The rock is a by-product supplied by partner Breedon’s Cragmill Quarry in North East England and spread using existing machinery.

As well as funding ERW operations, Microsoft will be funding UNDO’s Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) enhancement and agronomy trials.

The agreement marks the first ERW credits sold using the ICROA-endorsed Puro Standard methodology to quantify these high-quality, high-durability CO₂ Removal Certificates (CORCs). ICROA is the voluntary carbon market’s provider of best practice guidelines

UNDO employs 50 people in the UK and the US, with around 15 Contractors and Consultants.

UNDO's Climate Impact

UNDO's mission is to permanently remove over a billion tonnes of CO₂ and make carbon removal accessible to all.

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