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Updated Jun 2024

What Tierra Climate makes

Carbon contracts paired with novel optimization software to accelerate utility-scale battery deployment and decarbonize the electricity grid.

Company Info

To reach Net Zero, the U.S. needs between 200-400 gigawatts of grid-scale energy storage by 2050, requiring over $1 trillion dollars in investment. Tierra Climate is dedicated to unleashing the decarbonization potential of grid-scale energy storage. Tierra Climate is pioneering a new category of environmental attributes for energy storage that will enable sustainability-minded companies to financially support emissions-reducing energy storage. In short, they help companies pay for batteries to clean the electricity grid.

Role of software at Tierra Climate

Whereas batteries might initially bring to mind hardware engineers, Tierra Climate's approach to decarbonizing using batteries is purely software-based.

In the world of electricity, manually operated gas-fired power plants are giving way to digitally operated batteries, which rely on fast and nimble software solutions.

Tierra Climate's Trajectory

Tierra Climate expects to generate its first revenue next year and scale its team rapidly thereafter. Tierra Climate's long-term ambition is to become the preeminent utility-scale battery service platform across carbon contracts, optimization, asset management, and beyond.

Tierra Climate's Climate Impact

Tierra Climate found in its whitepaper that the majority of standalone grid-scale batteries inadvertently increase electricity emissions instead of decrease

The company expects that its carbon contract paired with its novel optimization software could shift battery operating behavior and abate as much as 500,000 tons CO2/yr market-wide. Abatement potential increases to 20-30x as overall battery capacity scales.

Simply put, Tierra Climate is helping grid-scale batteries compete with fossil fuel generation and providing a cleaner way to integrate renewables onto the electricity grid.

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