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Updated Jul 2024

What The Rounds makes

Zero-waste home goods delivery using a closed-loop last-mile logistics network.

Company Info

The Rounds is building a zero-waste logistics network for home goods, allowing customers to keep their homes stocked with zero waste. The vision is to create the most efficient, scheduled, last-mile logistics network, and the only optimized closed-loop, zero-waste, supply chain.

By achieving this, The Rounds can make convenience sustainable and sustainability convenient for greener neighborhoods and happier neighbors.

Role of software at The Rounds

The first engineering problem being solved at The Rounds revolves around ensuring members have a great experience.

This task proves to be more challenging than the typical e-commerce store due to the unique nature of the service provided. The company offers recurring products without a conventional checkout cart, primarily consisting of brandless items. Moreover, there is a need to educate members on the zero waste system, encouraging them to return their empty containers weekly. The specific projects in this area involve conducting signup funnel experiments, developing a cross-platform mobile app, and assisting in the creation of a product recommendation service.

The second set of engineering problems to address focuses on optimizing and streamlining operations. To fulfill the zero waste mission, The Rounds manages its own logistics, which include packing, delivery, and container cleaning. Technology integration plays a crucial role in each step of this process, collaborating closely with the merchandising and operations teams. Projects in this domain include constructing a route planning optimizer, implementing a tracking system for reusable containers, and conducting experiments in new expansion areas, such as compost pickup.

Within the small team, every engineer's contribution significantly impacts the company's goals. Engaging in cross-functional work, leading major projects, and influencing the technical culture and excellence of the organization are opportunities that await the engineers at The Rounds.

The Rounds's Trajectory

The engineering org is expected to double in size in 3-5 years

The Rounds's Climate Impact

Since founding, The Rounds has estimated that it has avoided over 100 tons of CO2 emissions by eliminating packaging waste (such as Cardboard & Paper, Styrofoam, Aluminum, and Plastic) through its e-delivery fleet and reusable containers.

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Category ManagerAlexandria, VAIn the last 1 day👉 ApplyOn-site only
Merchandising Associate (Contract Role)Brooklyn, NYIn the last 2 days👉 ApplyOn-site only
VP of Merchandising and PlanningBrooklyn, NYIn the last 2 weeks👉 ApplyOn-site only

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