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Updated Dec 2023

ClimateTechList has a direct partnership relationship with Streamline- apply directly to Streamline here. Your resume will be guaranteed to be looked at by a technical recruiter.

What Streamline makes

Platform for climate tech startups to manage and write grant applications from discovery to submission.

Company Info

Streamline unlocks grant funding for companies by helping them accelerate the end-to-end process of applying for and winning grants.

The company's product does this by ingesting internal documents from customers and helping generate a first draft quickly so they can convert on newly discovered grant opportunities.

Streamline is also building solutions to help companies man more complex grant processes via workflow management features and discover new grants they are eligible for.

Streamline sees grants and non-dilutive funding as a stepping stone towards solving a much bigger problem in the industry overall – underwriting risk for climate tech.

Role of software at Streamline

Software is core to every part of Streamline's product. Here are some general categories of problems Streamline tackles every day:

  • Writing draft applications using LLMs
  • Optimizing semantic search to fetch the best snippets from company internal documents
  • Matching companies to the best grant opportunity
  • Rich-text editor DOM manipulation
  • Classic & new collaboration features

Streamline's Trajectory

In the next year or so Streamline is looking to grow the team to 10+ engineers, designers, 100x the customer base, and raise a seed round.

Streamline's Climate Impact

Streamline's climate impact is best measured by the combined climate impact of all the companies it is able to unlock grant funding.