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Updated Jun 2023

What Span makes

Smart electrical panels to enable homes to get clean energy, faster, cheaper, and more easily.

Company Info

SPAN creates products for homes that make it easier and cheaper to switch to renewable energy. SPAN's main product, the SPAN Smart Panel, uses advanced technology to measure, monitor, and control electricity. SPAN also offer other smart solutions for solar, batteries, and electric vehicles, so homeowners can be more informed and active in the energy market.

Role of software at Span

SPAN is re-inventing the electric panel to be intelligent and run by software. Software is thus key to SPAN's product offering. Software challenges at SPAN include:

  • Firmware for embedded systems and microcontrollers
  • Cloud infrastructure for SPAN IOT network
  • Software for lab testing and automation
  • iOS and Android apps (React native) used by the end-user of the SPAN electrical panel

Span's Trajectory

Just raised a $96M Series B2. Grown to 230 employees from 2018 (2x'd in last 2 years).

Tailwinds from the Inflation Reduction Act will significantly aid in SPAN's growth- the IRA provides $369 billion to reduce emissions and promote residential electrification upgrades, which could result in up to thousands of dollars of rebates for purchasers of SPAN's electric panel.

Span's Climate Impact

SPAN's mission is to electrify 10 million U.S. homes by 2030.