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Updated Apr 2024

What Perennial makes

Soil-based carbon removal verification platform using machine learning, ground observations, and satellite/environmental data.

Company Info

Perennial is building the world’s leading verification platform for soil-based carbon removal. Its vision is to unlock soil as the world’s largest carbon sink. To do that, it is building trusted standards, tools, and technologies to help verify climate-smart agriculture.

Perennial uses the world’s most advanced remote measurement technology for soil carbon sequestration and emissions, and then fuses machine learning, ground observations, and satellite/environmental data to map soil carbon and land-based GHG emissions at continent-level scales.

This technology is powering the future of climate-smart agriculture and helping the food supply chain decarbonize.

Role of software at Perennial

At the core of Perennial's product is an automated, large scale geospatial ML pipeline that's constantly undergoing improvements. Every year 100s of terabytes of geospatial data pass through Perennial's models to yield continent-scale predictions of soil carbon sequestration down to 10m resolution.

Perennial's product is an enterprise-facing web platform with performance and security requirements that require the touch of experienced and creative software engineers. Without the ability to build things that have never existed before and iterate quickly, the company won't be successful.

Perennial's Trajectory

Doubled the team in the last year, and expect to do so again within ~2 years -- being realistic given the current macroeconomic climate. In 5 years Perennial is aiming to enable the largest supply of new carbon offsets to enter the market.

Perennial's Climate Impact

A low-end estimate of CO2 sequestration in soil under regenerative agriculture is 0.5 tons per acre per year. If this occurred on every acre of farmland in the world, this would result in 6 gigatons per year of carbon removal. Obviously, it won't be practical to do this everywhere, but many of the leading carbon removal solutions are aiming for 1 gigaton of carbon removal within the next 10 years, representing a capacity of 60x less in an equivalent period.

Perennial is the only soil carbon measurement technology that can robustly scale to 100M+ acres. Current approaches rely heavily on farmer practice data, which is extremely difficult to collect, and established players are already reconsidering regenerative agriculture because of how difficult the status quo is proving. Perennial's approach does not require practice data to measure soil organic carbon, and it is much cheaper. Measurement and farmer-facing economics are the primary blockers to scaling of soil carbon removal right now, so Perennial's success will directly unlock this huge potential carbon sink. In a best-case scenario where Perennial is enabling soil carbon sequestration on 10% of global farmland, the company would be able to get to 10s of gigatons of CO2e removed.

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