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Updated Feb 2024

What Patch makes

Carbon offset API & marketplace. Enables companies to seamlessly purchase as little as a gram to gigaton of carbon removal from reputable carbon removal projects.

Company Info

Patch is an API and a marketplace that enables companies to seamlessly purchase as little as a gram to giga-tonnes of carbon removal from reputable and trusted carbon removal projects, Patch enables people and business to take action against climate change.

Role of software at Patch

Patch's API driven software seamlessly integrates into customers' front ends, checkout flows, and apps. In order to create a more sustainable economy, Patch's Product and Eng teams will continue to develop innovative use cases and integrations.

Patch's Trajectory

Patch ended 2021 with fewer than 20 employees. They broke 50 employees in June, 2022 and are looking to scale to 80-100 employees by year end, with a projected 6-12x growth in carbon credit volume. In order to achieve Gigatonne scale, the company will need to grow 2-3x every year, and is currently ahead of pace to do so.

Patch's Climate Impact

Patch is on a mission to achieve gigatonne scale carbon removal by the end of the decade, enabling every business to take climate action. Key company metrics are: 1. the volume of credits purchased on the platform and 2. the tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

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