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Updated Jul 2024

What NextEra Mobility makes

Energy and charging management platform for electric road fleets and an internal tool suite for analyzing fleet electrification.

Company Info

NextEra Energy Resources is the largest deployer of renewable energy in the country. Its mission is to decarbonize the United States’ economy. The Mobility division decarbonizes business road vehicles.

NextEra’s customers and partners include some of the country’s largest public companies, key infrastructure providers, and public entities. Its core strategy is to solve the capital, land, equipment, energy, and information management challenges of electrifying road fleets by bundling those components into unified services, so that its customers can focus on their business instead of the complexities of electrified fleet management.

Role of software at NextEra Mobility

Before customers electrify, NextEra Mobility models the process with EValuate, an internal tool that finds electrification pathways. This is to help answer questions such as:

  1. Has anyone built an electric dump truck yet? 
  2. What chargers are compatible with it? 
  3. Am I eligible for state incentives? 
  4. How many years will it take to reach break-even?

Once companies are in operation, NextEra mobility’s ZEVi platform manages charging schedules to minimize energy costs using model predictive control, the same data science technique that autonomous vehicle providers rely on. The platform has dozens of components for forecasting, hardware integration, real-time system displays, driver apps, reporting, and more.

NextEra Mobility's Trajectory

As of May 2023, NextEra Mobility’s product development team of software engineers, data scientists, and allied skills has tripled in the last year to 30 colleagues on four delivery teams. It expects continued growth, albeit at a slower pace than before. NextEra mobility’s target market is the country’s leading road fleets. It also assists its parent company in decarbonizing the country’s largest companies, most of which have significant road fleets.

NextEra Mobility's Climate Impact

The US burns about 180 gigalitres of diesel annually, emitting about 500 megatons of CO2e, or about 2% of humanity’s emissions. The exhaust also sickens and kills thousands each year. NextEra Mobility is very proud that their first engagement serves school buses! With Daimler Trucking and BlackRock, they are building a nationwide network of fast, renewable-based charging for highway trucking. At almost 200 tonnes per truck, that single project will contribute to the abatement of over 1,000,000 tonnes annually by the end of the decade. logo

NextEra Mobility number of job openings over time by month

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