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Updated May 2024

What Muir AI makes

AI driven software and APIs for rapid, accurate, scalable supply chain emissions data.

Company Info

Muir AI's mission is to catalyze global emissions reductions at the gigaton scale – truly changing the course of the world’s climate. To do this, the company is developing the climate intelligence engine for carbon emissions. By harnessing the latest AI and ML technologies, Muir fuses data from a diverse set of sources to gain unprecedented insights into corporate emissions. The platform empowers companies to measure, track, and proactively reduce emissions across their supply chains, more rapidly, affordably and effectively than before. Using Muir’s outputs, companies take tangible steps towards confidently achieving their net-zero ambitions.

Role of software at Muir AI

Engineers at Muir have the opportunity to work on the Muir Intelligence Platform and the core AI models that run it. This spans frontend and backend development, integration with third party systems, and deep data science, ML, and AI work.

Muir AI's Trajectory

Muir expects rapid growth through the seed round and into future funding rounds, as corporations face mounting pressure to report and reduce supply chain emissions.

Muir AI's Climate Impact

Muir intends to reduce global emissions at the gigaton scale and measures this success by the emissions reductions it enables and tracks through its platform.