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Updated Oct 2023

What Mill makes

Consumer food dehydrator and accompanying processing service to reclaim residential food waste as chicken feed.

Company Info

Mill reduces climate change causing methane emissions from food waste decomposing in landfills and feed production for American livestock. By reclaiming residential food waste, it is diverted from landfills. By using it to produce chicken feed, it reduces the demand to produce new feed.

Role of software at Mill

Software engineers build everything at Mill!

  • Firmware engineers work on a large home appliance and refine an automated dehydration algorithm to handle non-deterministic food inputs.
  • Mobile and front end developers work on the mobile app and website, which are rich interfaces that customers use to control bin, get their output picked up, and learn about their environmental impact.
  • Full stack developers also work on everything from data analytics to cloud services integrations to devops.

Mill's Trajectory

Mill is growing! In particular, growing the mobile app team.

Mill's Climate Impact lists reduced food waste as the solution with the most CO2e reduction potential of all solutions for avergin climate change.

Mill's website ( estimates .5 tons of CO2e diverted per customer. Currently, Mill is focused on residential, American food waste. As the company grows, Mill will tackle more challenges in space.

Current job openings at Mill