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Updated Sep 2023

What Leap makes

Distributed energy resource aggregation software / virtual power plant software.

Company Info

Leap provides an API and portal that allow partners to connect and enroll their devices to participate on wholesale energy markets by curtailing energy. By doing so they help to decarbonize the electricity grid by reducing the need for polluting fossil peaker plants.

Role of software at Leap

Leap is a product/software company at heart. At Leap engineers help to:

  • Create API's for energy bid submission and making sure dispatches are send out in a timely manner.
  • Work on cutting-edge cloud technology to provide value to Leap partners.
  • Work on an event-based microservices architecture for scalability and durability and performance.

Leap's Trajectory

Leap just completed a series-B round funding and is slowly expanding.

Leap's Climate Impact

Leap is not tracking this actively at the moment.