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Form Energy

Updated Jun 2023

What Form Energy makes

Low-cost long-duration energy storage for wind and solar energy. Form's first commercial product is a 100-hour iron-air battery.

Company Info

Form Energy makes hardware and software for energy storage systems. Form Energy is developing, manufacturing, and commercializing a new class of cost-effective, multi-day energy storage systems that will enable a reliable and fully renewable electric grid year-round.

Role of software at Form Energy

Software Engineers are critical to Form Energy's success in two main ways:

  • Form Energy's products are networked, intelligent storage plants, so software and data engineering are critical components of the product.
  • Form Energy's team is growing quickly and software engineers are critical to scaling business operations and meeting demand.

Form Energy's Trajectory

Form Energy has 4x'ed in the last 7 quarters. It plans to double its employee headcount by end of 2023, and continue to grow rapidly in the following years.

Form Energy's Climate Impact

Form’s internal analytics predict that over the next decade, achieving Form's cost and performance targets will unlock tens of gigawatts of demand for multi-day storage in the U.S. and accelerate the country’s trajectory towards a fully decarbonized and more reliable and resilient grid. At such levels of deployment, Form’s technology will catalyze billions of dollars in savings to American electricity consumers while helping utilities economically replace gigawatts of legacy assets, demonstrating the clear path to net zero.