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Updated Feb 2024

What CPower makes

Software to facilitate demand-response programs / virtual power plant provision.

Company Info

CPower is a leading, national energy solutions provider guiding customers towards a clean and dependable energy future. They maximize the value of their customers’ distributed energy resources by facilitating participation in demand-side management programs.

CPower works with over 11,000 sites across North America to provide superior economics, while delivering the highest-rated customer experience in the industry.

Role of software at CPower

Engineers at CPower build load dispatch integrations upstream with energy market operators and downstream to customers. They upgrade customer portals for reviewing program performance, automate manual processes for CPower's operations teams, and manage metering data from thousands of endpoints.

CPower's Trajectory

Likely to continue slow and steady growth.

CPower's Climate Impact

CPower formed a partnership with Watt Time to analyze and quantify the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction achieved by CPower's customers through shifting their energy consumption away from hours when polluting peaker plants are typically used to meet high demand.

Through this collaboration, CPower successfully aided its customers in avoiding a substantial amount of CO2 emissions, totaling 286,000 metric tons, within a span of one year.