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Updated Dec 2023

What Arcadia makes

Software and APIs for electrification. Helps customers aggregate energy usage and carbon intensity data to reduce costs.

Company Info

Arcadia makes a software data platform that increases access to energy data and renewable energy sources, empowering energy innovators and consumers to fight the climate crisis.

Its software and APIs unlock energy innovation by creating access to the data and clean energy needed to decarbonize the grid.

Role of software at Arcadia

Arcadia is a pure software business. It:

  • Collects and standardize energy usage, energy cost data, and carbon intensity data across all of the utilities in the US (and internationally).
  • Distributes data through an enterprise SaaS API platform called Arc.
  • Builds advanced software that helps customers generate insights like the cost savings of installing solar, batteries, and other distributed energy resources as well as coordinate optimized schedules of the cheapest/cleanest time to use electricity.
  • Connects customers to clean energy solutions like community solar and RECs to help reduce the impact of customers' energy usage. Arcadia's entire platform is powered by robust and flexible software solutions that collect data from multiple disparate streams, combine data sets, and drive real carbon emissions reduction for customers.

Arcadia's Trajectory

Macroeconomic conditions aside, the company has 4x'd the headcount from 150 to 700+ people between 2000–2022 with even larger multiples of revenue growth. As Arcadia's enterprise SaaS business and community solar business continue to accelerate, they expect that rate to grow over the next 3–5 years.

Arcadia's Climate Impact

Arcadia has an internal data team that measures its impact on climate change based solely on the Community Solar product line (not the Enterprise SaaS business, Arc). The directly attributable emissions reductions for Arc is difficult to assess because it depends largely on the success of customers but Arcadia's team believes it to be in the order of tens of millions of tonnes of CO2e at scale.

Arcadia job openings posted in the last month

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Lead Engineer - Site Reliability EngineeringChennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaIn the last 3 days👉 Apply
Associate, Business SuccessUnited StatesIn the last 1 week👉 Apply
Compliance Manager, Community Solar SalesUnited StatesIn the last 1 week👉 Apply
Lead Engineer - Automation Engineering (RPA)Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaIn the last 2 weeks👉 Apply
Policy AnalystChennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaIn the last 2 weeks👉 Apply
Operations ManagerUnited StatesIn the last 2 weeks👉 Apply
Staff Product Manager - UDSChennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaIn the last 3 weeks👉 Apply

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